Interested in Developing Rental homes (western Ma)

Im looking for people who already flip houses, have properties, or want to join in on Purchasing abandoned, foreclosed, or just generally inexpensive homes all around the area.

I have the ability, knowledge, experience, and sense of urgency necessary to fix any problem a home could have while being compliant to code spec with Framing/Plumbing/Electrical/Foundation/Roof.
I know what Hazerd to watch out for (forms of asbestos, Lead, Gas lines, knob & Tube wiring ETC) And I can ensure the property is able to get a good report from an inspector on all aspects such as Structural, Safety, Security, and Efficiency.

The general idea is we Partner up with owning and managing multiple units that we have customized with unique and high end appliances, amenities and accommodations not found in typical rental properties. This way we can be able to offer something different and fairly charge an adequate rate to ensure our eventual ROI and make a Passive Income. Multi Family dwellings would be ideal, but even smaller houses would suffice to provide for long term tenants, and also short-term Air BnBs which are hot commodities in the area and guaranteed to stay occupied especially considering the attractions in the area such as The Eastern States Expo, Six Flags, The Casino, Lakes etc..

The Vision is clear, and this idea is very achievable. Currently I unfortunately do not have the financial means or good enough credit to get myself started on this, So I am reaching out hoping to find someone with a property already or wants to start investing in this Golden opportunity. The sky is the limit with this!

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