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Axolotl Babies (Ware)

I have many Axolotl babies that need homes! I adopted 2 Axolotls back in March, and they had babies! Please do your research on these guys before hand, the basics:They stay in water their entire lives(because they have gillsthey breath, although they do like to swim to surface to gulp air sometimes), they like colder water(60°-70°), they prefer low light(they do not require light like a reptile, and they have no eyelids so they like caves and darkness to sleep), most adults like to eat nightcrawlers which are very nutritious for they, and cheap and easily available(mine like to eat grab them when dangled in front of them, or off the bottom while cruising around the tank, they are salamanders but do not come out of water, they would make excellent pets, or class projects, or subtle entertainment for daycare(I would gladly Donate some to a school or charitable place, daycare,...) Would like to get some type of rehoming fee for those that can help(Daves sells them for $40 each, I'd be happy with $10 to Help cover costs of feeding all these babies, Adults are cheap and easy to feed, pellets and a variety of other foods they will eat besides worms! FACTS: They are Not Illegal in MA, or in most states! They Are becoming endangered in the wild, because their natural habitat(2 lakes in Mexico(Don't tell Donald! Lol!) Are drying up and being poluted, So since they breed easily in captivity, eventually pets & zoos & such may be the only ones left, so I think pet keepers are helping "AWARENESS" and helping to keep this strain alive! I have separated the adults for now so I won't have anymore "accidental" breeding until I get all these babies rehomed, then I may consider "controlled" breeding again. If anyone has any interest or ideas to get these guys homes let me know!!! The babies I have are 1/2 Albino(Leucistic, White with dark eyes) and 1/2 Natural(Brown with spots), They range in color from black to lighter, greyish, They are All capable of producing white babies, since they are 1/2 white. Internet says they live about 10 to 12 years, up to 20, and grow to about 10-12 inches, It says they can live in a 10 gal tank, but I would think a 20gal long or bigger would be better(I only put about 8 inches of water so they can swim to the surface easier to gulp air, I found that babies like hanging out in floating plastic plants, but Adults mostly chill on the bottom! They like calmer(less movement) water, and don't usually(will probably eat) other fish! They do better(and easier to keep tanks clean) with No substrate on bottom of tank, as they will eat small aquarium rocks. I found PVC fittings work well for hides and are easy to clean! So, If you've gotten this far and are still interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Pics Below:
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