Klipsch KSM-2 II Monitor_Speaker - $100 (Leverett)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Klipsch
model name / number: KSM-2 II
This monitor sounds amazing. Audiophile quality. Big, full bass response !! It is also heavy AF.
Perfect for a fixed location, a rehearsal space ... or somebody with a better back than mine.

A brief history on the KSM 2 monitors. They're the bigger Klipsch slant monitors, much larger than the original HSM Heresy Slant Monitor. There was a 12 and 15 version and a II version of each of those. This is the 15”. The KSM 2 was kind of a Industrial Cornwall monitor in that it has the K43 heavy duty woofer as used in LSI and CP-1 (Cornwall Professional). The horn is the K601, which is the composite CW horn as used on the CW II. The driver should be a K58 which is a very nice driver that handles the mids and highs very well. It almost sounds like a 3-way. Another feature that gives a Cornwall-like sound and appearance is of
the 'shelf' slot port, which faces the listener on stage. Trey Cannon calls these the 'Drummers Dream' and I'm inclined to agree- talk about some serious thump and output!

There is a special crossover built for these speakers and like Klipsch Heritage, this is built on a 3/4 birch plywood slab and attached to the rear side of the cabinet. Caps, autoformers, resistors, and air coil chokes make up the elements. There is a standard Heritage barrier strip that is simlarly labeled. The jack cup features two standard metal 1/4" jacks wired in parallel for easy daisy-chaining on stage, and there are two fuse holders labeled HF 1amp and LF 3 amp.
Electrically the II versions used the locking 1/4 jacks and added two dual banana jacks for the speaker termination system favored in that era.
Original hardware was recessed handles on one end for carrying and a pole socket mount on the other. These could be elevated for drum monitors or presumably used as mains (yes they're that good).

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